How to Update Golden Whatsapp?

It is always recommended to use the latest version of WhatsApp Gold to enjoy the advanced and updated features of the app. Yes, you can use the old version, but updating to the most recent variant is important these days. So, let’s start learning how to update the Gold app.

Update Process

First, click on the three dots placed at the top right side of the app.

Tap on the three dots, and you will see a small screen of options pop up.

clcik on 3 dots

Now tap on the option of add-on mods.

tap on ad on mods

Click on the update option from all available options.

tap on updates

Now you will see an option to check for a new version.

check for updates

Tap on “Check for Updates” and check if you have the latest version or not, then simply update your app.

Alternative Method

The best alternative is to simply click on the download link of the Gold app from the homepage of and update your app in a few seconds.


It is always recommended to use the recent version of WhatsApp Gold because developers add new features to the app that are not available in the official WhatsApp. So, always use the most recent app.

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