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whatsapp gold

WhatsApp Gold, also known as Arabic WhatsApp, is a modified messenger app available for download as an APK file. The latest update of Gold WA (v36) offers additional, custom, and advanced features when compared to WhatsApp by Meta.

Gold Features

NameGold Whatsapp
Latest Versionv36
Size79 MB
Last Updated19 March, 2024
Read InArabic

Introducing Whatsapp Gold

It is also known as ‘Golden WhatsApp’ or ‘Arabic Gold WhatsApp,’ developed by Abu Arab with new, improved, and enhanced features. Although WhatsApp is a comprehensive messaging app that gives users all the tools in one place, there are some gaps that are addressed by the developer of WhatsApp Dahabi (Gold) The main purpose of WhatsApp Gold is to provide more options to users so that they can completely handle each section and setting of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp was originally launched in November 2009 by former Yahoo employees Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Who would have thought that it would become a world-famous messaging and calling messenger app? As time passes, more copies of WhatsApp with additional features are launched by third-party developers, such as GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. Similarly, Gold WhatsApp was launched, which is a combination of all WhatsApp mods with premium features, including Instagram-like status (Insta Story) and Snapchat-like one-time media viewing, all within the same app, free of cost.

whatsapp gold

What is Whatsapp Gold APK?

The Gold WhatsApp pro download file is not available on the Google official Play Store because it is a modified version of WhatsApp. Therefore, you can easily download, install, and update Golden WhatsApp in the form of an APK. That’s why the downloadable file of Gold WA is also known as WhatsApp Gold APK. Before installing the app, make sure you get it from a safe source like ‘Whats’ and always use the official WhatsApp Gold latest version to enjoy updated features.


The benefit of downloading the WhatsApp Gold APK file from whatsgolden.com is that you will get a safe and fast download link. You can also share the APK file with your loved ones or business partners. Because developers keep adding new functions to the Gold WA app, the APK will be updated regularly.

Whatsapp Gold Features

To access the advanced add-on mods of Gold WhatsApp, tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Now, tap on the first option, ‘Add-on Mods.’ Here, you can also explore options such as restarting WhatsApp, message scheduler, auto-reply, mass message sender, and creating a new group.

Freeze Last Seen

This feature is the same as the official WhatsApp. Simply go to privacy settings and tap on “Freeze Last Seen.” To revert it, tap it again.

Anti View Once

You can open anti-view-once messages an unlimited number of times. It means that whenever your friend sets a view-once restriction, you can bypass this restriction by using Golden WhatsApp.

Customizable Status

Its now possible to turn on and off the “Hide View Status” option in the privacy status settings. Users can also activate the “Anti-Delete Status” mode, which allows you to see deleted statuses of friends within 24 hours.

Anti Delete Messages

Other people cannot delete messages for you. If they do delete messages, you can see the deleted message history from the advanced options.

Show Single Tick

You can turn off the blue tick. The sender will only see a single tick, even if you have viewed their message. This feature will help users to secure their privacy.

Themes and Colors

WhatsApp Gold offers different options for changing themes, colors, and effects. Just click on “Gold Themes” and load or change your GoldWA APK theme. It also allows you to restore the old theme with a delete option.


You can see a pop-up notification on your screen when your friends are online. You can disable this option at any time. This will allow you to monitor the online activity of certain friends.

Font Styles and Emoji

WhatsApp Gold provides options to change fonts from universal settings. Go to universal settings and add the fonts of your choice. Users can also select the emoji variants of their choice.

Universal Settings

Universal settings allow you to change or adjust the overall look and feel of WhatsApp. You can enhance the user experience of WhatsApp by exploring the universal settings of WhatsApp Gold Plus.

Home Screen

Below the universal settings, you will find the “Home Screen” option. The Home Screen section of Abu Arab GoldWA allows users to customize the header, rows, floating action button, and status options.

Launcher Icon

The launcher icon refers to the icon displayed when you open WhatsApp or how the WhatsApp icon appears on the screen. Go to the universal settings and select the launcher icon of your choice. It provides various colored WhatsApp launchers.

Backup and Restore

Like all WhatsApp mods, it offers the option to back up and restore all your WhatsApp data and chats. You can create a backup at any time or simply schedule the backup for your WhatsApp Golden.

Bubbles and Ticks

Access the “Conversations Screen” option in the settings of WhatsApp Gold. Now, tap on “Bubbles and Ticks.” Here, you can change the double tick icon to one of your choice. Similarly, it allows you to customize the bubble style in which text messages are displayed.

Message Text Size

WhatsApp Gold has a unique setting to adjust the message text size. You can change the message text size in the universal settings. Adjust the text size according to your preferences.

Chat Bubble Text Color

The old version of WhatsApp had the same bubble in which message text was seen. However, developers have now added the latest chat bubble options that users can change. Similarly, text can also be adjusted according to the user’s taste.

Conversation Background

Like all other WhatsApp mods, Golden WhatsApp has added new background colors, allowing users to adjust the color of their choice. The new background features can also enhance the reading and chatting experience. So, it would be great to experiment with different colors of your choice.

Golden Notifications

WhatsApp Gold APK offers a wide range of notification options when a notification pops up on your screen. You can disable contact online, show or hide people’s profiles in notifications. Additionally, the notification tone can be changed at any time.

App Language

Go to the gold WhatsApp settings and change the language of the app. With this, anyone can modify the translation option settings. Within settings, you can also enable the ‘Always Online’ option.

Plus Lock

Privacy and lock features are crucial in all WhatsApp mods. Bearing this in mind, the official developer of WhatsApp Plus Gold has added special privacy and lock features to it. Users can set custom types of locks in different styles.

Adjust Widget

WhatsApp GB Gold also offers you the option to adjust the widget according to your preference. For instance, you can change widget colors and the name that appears on your phone screen. You can also alter the widget name along with icons at any time through the WA Gold settings.
You can customize its color, background, and shape by visiting the widget section in the settings of WhatsApp Gold.

Universal Settings Options

Custom Privacy

Secure Lock

More Advance Features of Gold Whatsapp

  • View the paper transformer animation from universal settings.
advance features
  • Chatlist animation is a great tool.
  • You can hide the chat divider.
  • Hide frequently contacted from forward action.
  • WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab also allows clearing temporary WhatsApp files with cleanup.
  • New broadcast messages can be sent immediately.
  • The ‘Starred Messages’ option is an additional feature.
  • You can see linked devices.
  • Manage and explore groups.
  • Bulk message sending option is also enabled, although it is not available in official WhatsApp.
  • You can create multiple accounts.
  • Anti-ban features with advanced technology.

Download Gold Whatsapp Latest Version 2024

To download and install the latest version of Wa Gold 2024, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the download button provided in the article.
  1. The download process will start and will complete in a few seconds to minutes, depending on your internet speed.
  2. Before installing Gold WhatsApp, make sure you allow the installation of apps from unknown developers.
  1. To grant permission to such apps, go to your phone’s app settings and turn on the relevant settings.
  2. Now, simply install the app and follow the installation steps.
download and install whatsapp gold

Installation Steps

  • After downloading, click on the app, and the process will start.
  • If you are using the Gold app for the first time, grant all permissions to it.
  • Now, add your number, and you will receive an OTP on your device.
  • Confirm your number, and the installation of WhatsApp Gold will be completed safely.

How to Update Whatsapp Gold to Latest Version?

To check whether your WhatsApp Gold is updated or not follow the steps.

  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Click on “Updates.”
  • Now, you can check for updates.
  • The “Changelog” option is available in this section.
  • This is how the WhatsApp Gold app keeps you updated.
  • See the detailed guide on how to update golden whatsapp.

Gold Whatsapp 11.35 New version Update

what's new in update
  • Gold Whatsapp Update has new and improved features compared to old versions.
  • Custom media download control for each chat has been added.
  • Message edit history can now be seen.
  • You can add an email address to your account.
  • The media preview feature is enabled.
  • Group positions can be adjusted.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: The benefits of using the Golden WhatsApp APK include providing numerous additional features compared to the official WhatsApp. You can customize your chatting experience according to your preferences. Similarly, you can also control your privacy with others.

Disadvantages: Because GOLD WA is a third-party app and not an official version, there are always some disadvantages to using it. It can be unsafe at times. Many people use it safely, but if you are very concerned about your security, then you should use the official version of WhatsApp from Meta.


Yes, downloading Golden WhatsApp is absolutely free.

If you install the file from safe sources, then it is safe to use. If you get the WA Gold file from a non-trusted server, it is risky due to potential malware and viruses.

Black Gold WhatsApp is a theme of the Gold app. You can change the theme to black from the theme settings.

Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS or iPhone; it is only for Android users.

The web feature is available only in the official WhatsApp. You can try using the web on the Golden WhatsApp app; it may work sometimes.

New plus features added to WhatsApp Gold are known as the plus version.

To create a business account, there is a version of WhatsApp Gold called WhatsApp Business.

The normal version is also known as WhatsApp Gold Pro because it provides pro features compared to WhatsApp.

Yes, you can make stickers by going to advanced settings and then selecting stickers.